The Shorebirds are coming!

Beach Birds

Every summer between late July/early August until early/mid September, thousands of shorebirds pass through the Bay of Fundy, from their breeding grounds in the Canadian Arctic to reach winter grounds in South America. Ballast Lodge is the perfect place to stay while you feast your eyes on this spectacle at the pebble beaches and mudflats of Johnson’s Mills as our feathery visitors feast on mud-dwelling invertebrates like mudshrimp.

You can experience the birds directly from our lookout, or you can make the short, 1 km trip down the old or new road to the Shorebird Reserve and Interpretive Centre.

Watching thousands of birds huddle on the beach while they wait for their next feeding session is a sight you simply need to experience for yourself and there is no place to stay that is closer to the action than Ballast Lodge!