Principle Pursuit Marriage Adventure – This is a marriage retreat like nothing you’ve ever done before. It’s like an escape room, with puzzles and challenges that you solve together. Along the way, you learn principles for building a stronger marriage. Finishing all the challenges correctly will allow you to unlock the prize box! Read More.

Together For Good Marriage Retreat – This marriage retreat consists of 5 pre-recorded sessions that you watch together as a couple. You set your own schedule, and get to enjoy the Ballast Lodge property and amenities in between sessions. Read More.


Sabbatical Retreat

A Sabbatical Retreat is for ministry leaders, individuals, or couples who simply need a break. This could be for a wide range of reasons. Maybe you’re on the brink of burnout. Maybe you need time to process and grieve a loss. Maybe you need a few days for spiritual reflection and renewal. Maybe you’re a couple who needs some time to step away without the kids. Maybe you are seeing a professional counselor or therapist and you would like some solitude to focus on the internal work that you need to do. We don’t have specific parameters for a sabbatical retreat. Whatever your life situation is, you will benefit from the privacy of our facilities and the surrounding area.

Group Retreat

Ballast Lodge is an ideal getaway place for small groups that want to meet and grow for several focused days together. Our accommodations include 4 bedrooms (3 with queen beds and 1 with a double bed), plus an assortment of other beds available for groups. (The Guest House has a single bed in one of the closets, a single folding bed that can be set up in either bedroom, and a futon in the sunroom. The Cottage has a queen-size pull-out couch. And we have 2 camping cots that can be used in either house, if you bring a sleeping bag.)

Please see our FAQ page for more details about maximum capacity.

Family Gatherings

We understand that for many people, family is of utmost importance.  We invite you to incorporate Ballast Lodge into your plans and enjoy the benefits of our resort-like setting. Feel free to utilize both the Guest House and the Cottage for an extended family retreat.