Self-Directed Retreat

The Self-Directed Retreat option is for individuals or couples who simply need a break. This could be for a wide range of reasons. Maybe you’re a couple who needs some time to step away without the kids, you need some healing time after a loss, or a pastor on Sabbatical. Perhaps you are engaged in some professional support and you’ve been given some ‘homework’ from your therapist that you’d like to focus on for a few days. We don’t have specific parameters that qualify you for a stay with us. Whatever your life situation is, you will benefit from the privacy of our facilities and the surrounding area. If you are interested, materials are available to prompt and guide you as you heal, journal, and process your experiences.

The Guided Retreat option gives you the opportunity to spend some time each day with your hosts, Pat and Anita, either one-on-one, or together. As you engage in conversation, they will listen with compassion, confidentiality, and without judgement. They will ask questions that will support and challenge you. They will help you debrief your experiences. If you are interested, they will pray with you and/or for you.

You are encouraged to come prepared with topics you’d like to talk through, ‘homework’ from your therapist, or problems that you’d like to brainstorm about.

Group Retreat

Ballast Lodge is an ideal getaway place for small groups that want to meet and grow for several focused days together. Our accommodations include 4 bedrooms (three with queen beds, and one with a double bed), plus a pull-out couch and plenty of space for air mattresses. You could even bring a tent, if anyone in your group prefers to sleep outside. The dining room in the Guest House comfortably seats 10 adults, but you can pack in few more than that if you like!

Other Options

Together For Good Marriage Retreat – This marriage getaway includes 5 pre-recorded sessions designed to help couples discover how incredibly good marriage can be. Read More.

Family Gatherings – We understand that for many people, the first post-pandemic priority is reconnecting with family.  We invite you to incorporate Ballast Lodge into your plans and enjoy the benefits of our resort-like setting. Please feel free to coordinate a retreat with your family and spend some time together!