One-Year Anniversary

One year ago, we were just beginning a very soft launch of our new ministry here at Ballast Lodge. We had spent the previous 2 months getting settled after our move, doing some renovations, buying sheets and towels and other odds and ends, and building a website. Once January hit, we started inviting people to come. 

It was slow at first,  but we saw some momentum building through the spring and into the summer. Our fall was busier than we’d expected. And now, here we are, a full year later.

Going into our second year, we are pleased to see that our vision and goals remain clear and consistent. We still want to offer a place of rest and solitude for people in ministry. We are still committed to keeping it affordable. We are still developing strategic partnerships with other ministries, locally and across Canada. We still deeply desire to serve God’s church by supporting its leaders and caring for its people. 

Happy Anniversary to us. Looking forward with joy to many more.