Principle Pursuit marriage adventure

Principle Pursuit

Introducing, the Principle Pursuit marriage adventure! It’s like an escape room, but you figure out the games, puzzles and activities over the course of your 3-day stay. All of the activities are designed around principles for building a stronger marriage, which you’ll learn about as you have fun together. This is the marriage getaway for people who prefer hands-on activities, getting outside, and intimate conversations, rather than a conference-style retreat. Any couple who books a 2-night stay in either the Guest House or the Cottage can add Principle Pursuit to their booking for $120. That covers all of the activities, some debrief time with Pat and Anita, your prize if you complete the whole game, plus other treats and rewards along the way.

Book your stay and include the Principle Pursuit Extra to start your adventure!

Please note: Principle Pursuit includes some physical activities, so if you have mobility limitations, let’s talk about how we can accommodate you.