The Neumans

Pat and Anita have been married for 25 years and are parents to four children (only one of whom is still living at home). They were both born and raised in Southern Ontario, and lived most of their married life there. They spent one year in Novi, Michigan, and 2 years as missionaries in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Pat is still working for a company in Ontario doing software development and part-time as a Community Support Worker at Teen Challenge Atlantic in Memramcook. Pat previously served as an Elder at their church in Ontario, as well as serving many years as Missions Team Leader. Pat is also working to improve his skills in the area of Biblical Counseling.

Anita worked as a certified aromatherapist and reflexologist, with a special interest in mental health. She did not maintain her licenses and registration when they moved to New Brunswick, but she did bring her massage table and supplies, if guests are interested in exploring alternative health options during their stay. Anita is also a student of the Enneagram.

Pat and Anita have always been eager and intentional about using the resources that God has given them to serve Him and His people, whether that’s skills, time, or possessions. This was, essentially, the impetus for creating Ballast Lodge.-5