Powerful ways to Enhance Your Employee Benefits plan

As a business owner, keeping employees in their roles and keeping them satisfied in their roles are two critical aspects of a company’s productivity and success. Statistically, most employees are willing to work for a lower salary if the benefits package is appealing. But oftentimes, employers make inaccurate assumptions about what components of a benefits package are most important to their staff. Spending money on benefits that employees don’t really care about could be a very costly mistake for a small business!

One thing that employers and employees agree is a top priority in company culture is work-life balance. According to Forbes.com, work-life balance is “the most valued element of company culture, by a wide margin.” What does this mean for small businesses? Forbes goes on to say that beyond the basic, standard benefits (healthcare, retirement plans, and life insurance), you must “prioritize the benefits that support work-life balance for employees and showcase your understanding of their needs as a whole person beyond their role in your company.”

What is the problem?

LinkedIn tells us that “employees who feel valued and cared for in the workplace are more than three times more likely to be happy at work”, but “72% of employers say that stress, burnout, and other mental health factors are benefits challenges for their company. (MetLife)” This means that a large majority of employers find it difficult to provide the right resources to support their employees’ mental health and well-being.

Ballast Lodge can help!

Ballast Lodge offers an affordable response to this problem. We have two beautifully appointed rental houses overlooking Shepody Bay, just south of Dorchester, NB. Our property is ideal for a quiet escape from technology, noise, and busyness. Couples, families, or individuals can enjoy hikes on the beach or in the woods, campfires, games and puzzles, and lots of rest! We are committed to keeping our standard rates as low as possible, but we are also willing to negotiate package deals for companies that would like to invest in their employees’ well-being by giving them a couple nights away.

We also offer two incredible marriage retreat options. Perhaps this is something your company would want to cover if you know one of your employees could use some support in building a stronger marriage. Or this is always an easy add-on if the employees want to consider that for themselves. To learn more about what Ballast Lodge has to offer, visit ballastlodge.ca. Then let’s work together to show your employees how much you care.