Winter 2024 Update

Happy New Year!

We are a couple of weeks into 2024 and we hope it is going great for you so far. Personally, we have had some good discussions about what went well last year (in our work, in our family, individually, etc.) and what was hard. We’ve also been talking a lot about hopes and goals for this year.  This is a topic of consideration which may inspire some of you to take a personal or couple’s retreat at Ballast Lodge. The peaceful surroundings and comforts that our Guest House and Cottage provide create the perfect environment to pause, reflect and regroup.

Something that we’re really pleased about regarding Ballast Lodge is that we’re getting to know some of our “regulars”. It gives us great satisfaction to welcome people back again and again. Church staff retreats, writing groups, guests who come frequently to visit family in the area, and couples who consider this their go-to spot when they need a couple of nights away to rest and reconnect.

Looking ahead to 2024

We would love to fill in more of our off-season availability with marriage and small group retreats. Ballast Lodge is a great spot for staff groups to get away together for focused debrief and planning time. We also have two amazing marriage retreat packages that are consistent with Biblical values but are not faith-based programs. You do not need any religious background to get full value out of either of our offerings. The materials are for any couple who wants to grow closer in their relationship and are not just for those who are having trouble in their marriage.  Our programs offer the same quality content that you would expect from a large marriage conference, but you get to participate at your own pace in a private and intimate setting.

The summer months at the Lodge, especially during the shorebird migration in August, fill up fast. Last year we had some people who missed out because they didn’t book early. Please be sure to plan ahead to avoid any disappointment.

We need help spreading the word.

If you are in a position where you sometimes give people recommendations about where to go for rest or retreat or sabbatical or solitude or marriage help, can we send you some brochures and business cards to have on hand? Or does your workplace have a brochure rack or resource desk or some such place where you could leave a stack of brochures for us? Especially if you are a church or business owner, letting your membership and employees know of what is available at the Lodge is a great way to care for them as they navigate the realities of everyday life. If you are willing to share our materials, please let us know where and to whom we can send them.


Our biggest highlight from 2023 was our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding in July. Despite hitting a deer a couple of hours into our drive to Ontario, we had a fantastic week of wedding prep, spending time with family and friends, and celebrating the start of a new marriage. Here is a great shot of our new, extended family.