Guest Comments

Family Reunion, September 2023 – “Beautiful place, scenery and much quietness. So glad we got to stay here. Will definitely be back. Awesome hospitality.”

Youth Retreat, September 2023 – “2nd year for our fall kickoff! Perfect place to come together and encourage each other to live for Jesus.”

Family Vacation, August 2023 – “Very peaceful and quiet. This place is absolutely beautiful. Will definitely recommend. Wish we could have stayed longer. Would love to return again. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, this is def the place to be. Thanks for everything.”

Family Vacation, August 2023 – “Wish we could have stayed longer. Glad we found Ballast Lodge and happy to see the sandpipers.”

Stay for Work Conference, July 2023 – “I came for work – leading a conference in Sackville. I LOVED coming here afterwards to rest. I love this house – AND CANADA!!!”

Marriage Retreat, July 2023 – “What a gem! Thank you so much for the blessings my wife and I have experienced during our stay. We will be back!”

Couple Vacation, June 2023 – “Thank you Anita and Pat for a marvelous stay! Your place is enchanting, absolutely beautiful. The lodge was perfect, everything we needed. We loved the time walking on the beach, watching the bay, and enjoying the cool weather.”

Youth Retreat, February 2023 – “Another amazing experience! Thank you SO much!”

Marriage Retreat, February 2023 – “Thank you so much for your generous hospitality! Thanks for building into our marriage in a gentle and purposeful way.”

Writers Retreat, February 2023 – “Excellent retreat for some writing work. Thanks for the space to think & write.”

Family Vacation, January 2023 – “We came, we saw, we conquered. Beautiful opportunity for an engagement (!!) and some family photos.”

Church Leadership Retreat, January 2023 – “The space to stop, rest and hear God was significant for me personally, and then to meet with our team to pause, pray and listen to God’s direction for us this year was a huge blessing.”

Friends Retreat, November 2022 – “What an incredible gift of beauty this place is inside and out. Our stay couldn’t have been more timely or comfortable. Will be back!”

Marriage Retreat, October 2022 – “Such a blessing from the Lord to have found Ballast Lodge! The Principle Pursuit was so helpful for us as we transition to empty nesters.”

Couple Getaway, September 2022 – “Not enough lines in the book to record all the good things about this place and these people.”

Youth Retreat, September 2022 – “Thank you for a great spot to think, pray, challenge our teens to kick off our fall programs.”

Family Vacation, August 2022 – “A very lovely house. We have never seen a house with such a great view before!”

Friends Vacation, July 2022 – “We had such a great, relaxing time here. Lovely spot to recharge before continuing with our vacation. Thank you for everything!”

Family Vacation, July 2022 – “Our entire family had a wonderful time here at Ballast Lodge – no small feat with kids ranging from 15-8! The beautiful scenery and relaxed setting made for a perfect break from the hub-bub of life. Thanks for your hospitality – hope to come again in the future!”

Couple Getaway, July 2022 – “We had a wonderful romantic stay at the perfect fairy-tale lodge. Just what we needed.”

Youth Retreat, June 2022 – “Amazing! Perfect! Blessed by God through this experience. THANK YOU!!”

Marriage Retreat, May 2022 – “Wonderful getaway. We were excited to be first at doing Principle Pursuit. Everything was enjoyable and we highly recommend.”

Ministry Planning Retreat May, 2022 – “Thank you for a warm, welcoming environment to get away and plan.”

Couple Vacation, April 2022 – “Thank you for an amazing stay! We, of course, will be back! This is our favorite place!”

Family Vacation, March 2022 – “Your place was so relaxing and refreshing and we will definitely be back!”

Marriage Retreat, March 2022 – “Ballast Lodge gave us the rest we knew we needed, and the marriage workshops strengthened our marriage in ways we didn’t know we needed.”

Elders Retreat, February 2022 – “Great space for a planning, praying, and playing Elders’ retreat.”

Church Staff Retreat, February 2022 – “Thanks again for a great place to rest, pray, laugh, plan, and enjoy God & God’s creation.”

Ministry Retreat, November 2021 – “Thank you. Ballast Lodge served us so well for our council retreat.”

Personal Retreat, October 2021 – “What a wonderful place to ‘be’. Thanks for your hospitality.”

Pastoral Couple, October 2021 – “So enjoyed our time here at Ballast Lodge. You have provided a wonderful place for respite and you have blessed us in many ways.”

Pastoral Couple, August 2021 “We have enjoyed our stay at Ballast Lodge. Ministry is hard work. Having a place to unwind, a refuge, helps. We needed a breather. This was the answer!”

Marriage Retreat, July 2021 “We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful weekend you’ve given us to relax, take a step back, and focus on our marriage. This is a beautiful spot, and all the work, love, and thought that goes into it does not go unnoticed.”

Couple Vacation, July 2021 “This place truly was handpicked by God for you in the ministry He has called you to. Thank you for your warm hospitality from the moment we arrived. A place of beauty and peace. An oasis to restore and refill our souls.”

Missionary Couple, June 2021 “”Your gift of hospitality blessed us more than you can know. We are so glad that our paths crossed…We see God’s hand in your lives and leave blessed for having met you!”

Personal Retreat, May 2021 “Such a wonderful retreat getaway, a real gift! Thank you so much for the opportunity to rest, relax and recharge. A beautiful spot, and such a warm welcome. I look forward to visiting again!”

Pastoral Couple, May 2021 “Such a beautiful and relaxing stay! We enjoyed hospitality and conversation with Pat, Anita, and Levi – a highlight of our stay, for sure!”

Pastoral Couple, April 2021 “Thank you so much for a chance to relax and breathe for a few days. It was needed and recharged our batteries for home life and ministry.”

Staff Retreat, April 2021 – “Such a lovely place for a working retreat! Beautiful house and situation. Everything we could need was here. So peaceful.”

Family Getaway, April 2021 – “A perfect Easter weekend retreat for our family together. Beautiful home and surroundings! Kids are already asking when we’re coming back.”

Pastoral Couple, March 2021 – “We found Pat, Anita, and son Levi to be kind, hospitable, and generous in offering their property and its beauty to us as guests. Being approachable, but yet not invasive, allowed us to relax in solitude. …The facility is clean, well maintained, and has a modern country feel.”